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Unspoken Smiles Pledge

Our commitment to serve

As more and more children are born into impoverished, underserved communities worldwide, we, the Dental Professional Volunteers at Unspoken Smiles are taking this pledge: “As a dental professional, I will commit a minimum of 200 hours during my career to the service of those who are underserved. I will devote this time because I believe that all people should have access to professional dental care and good oral health. My service will be done with joy & respect and in ways most beneficial to those in need and their communities.”

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This pledge is more than a commitment to helping those in need; this is you issuing a challenge to other dental health professionals and organizations around the world to rethink their roles as health care providers. Careers in health can be prosperous, and there is nothing wrong with that, but our initial desire should always be to serve and improve the health and lives of those in need of our skills and services. If you believe what we believe, take the pledge and join the millions of others who have done the same.

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