Country Representative

Unspoken Smiles | Country Representative


Unspoken Smiles | Country Representatives work with dental students/professionals, organizations, and the university community to build awareness of the Unspoken Smiles’ mission. The role of a Country Rep is to build a strong network of dental professionals, resources, and also serve as a driving force toward meeting the challenge of improving oral health of low-income children in underserved communities through development and support of effective programs of oral health promotion and disease prevention.


  • Commitment to the Country Rep program for two years
  • A Dentist/Hygienist,  or Public Health Professional, or experienced NGO consultant interested in community health
  • A working knowledge of the Unspoken Smiles Foundation
  • Ability to recruit dental students/professionals for the Unspoken Smiles outreach programs
  • 18 years of age or older at the time of service
  • Successful candidates will maintain their own research programs, participate in teaching, and develop and strengthen collaborations with local programs


Country Outreach

Spread the word about the work of the Unspoken Smiles Foundation by conducting meaningful outreach to  diverse set of dental students, universities, and relevant stakeholders in your respective community, utilizing both direct contact and a wide range of digital communication tools (such as Facebook) to maintain consistent communication

Community Event Organizing

Hold recruitment events with interested students/professionals around your community

Assess risk for oral diseases in the most affected areas and help us select appropriate, evidence-based preventive interventions and strategies to improve oral health outcomes and control oral diseases at the individual and population level

Demonstrate the ability to help create access to care and collection of population-based health data for health promotion for all children

Communicate Outreach Progress to Unspoken Smiles Foundation HQ Send updates of progress on dental students’/professionals outreach as directed by the organization

Meet Goals Associated with Country Representative Position As a USF Country Rep, you are expected to work diligently towards the goals set out by the organization


Participate in a virtual training session at the beginning of your term as a Country Rep Evaluate local healthcare services and systems to help enhance quality of dental care and outcomes

Host at least one general informational session in your community to garner interest in Unspoken Smiles Foundation

Implement the Unspoken Smiles School-based program in at-least two primary schools (Unspoken Smiles curriculum resources will be provided for classroom education)
Host at least one dental outreach event (dental supplies will be provided) Submit a personal biography and tell us why you care about helping children and professional head-shot to Unspoken Smiles

Invite all your friends to join Unspoken Smiles Foundation on all social media platforms Facebook: